Your Virtual Adventure Travel Agent
Booking an adventure travel tour is one of the most difficult things in the travel industry. Of course, you can just book a cheap flight, and go on the off chance to a good destination. But when time is scarce, it’s better to be advised by an adventure travel agent.

Adventure Travel Tales and Tips has done some research in what’s available in adventure travel. We are proud to have found some excellent adventure travel tours for our visitors. Together with our partners, we have these excellent programs for you:

Adventure Travel Vietnam
An amazing adventure travel experience awaits for you in Vietnam. You will explore remote areas, visit the Sapa Region and experience a home stay in a remote village and camping in the forest.

Adventure Travel Bhutan
Bhutan is one of the most isolated nations in the World. It is therefore a unique destination for adventure travel. Adventure Travel in Bhutan means exploring a unique traditional culture in a stunning landscape. Experience what it is like in a country in which the “Gross National Hapiness” is more important that the “Gross National Product”. Find out how happy the people in the villages are, while trekking through the Mountains.

Apart from the specific tours we are offering, we have searched for an online adventure travel agent with a high quality, and broad program. While travel agents can be found anywhere, it is much more difficult to find a good adventure travel agent. The tours they offer will have to be exciting but safe, the hotels will have to be good, the guides acknowledgeable, etcetera. Of all the companies available, we have found one that has it all: Kumuka worldwide.

Here are a few reasons why we think Kumuka is the way to go:

Kumuka has 23 years of experience, and over 10000 clients a year.
No surpises and unexpected fees. Kumuka tours have the most inclusions available.
Many overland truck tours, and local transport tours. According to us, these are the best ways to explore.
Kumuka travels with small groups
Throughout our website we will include the Kumuka tours in the different destinations. Alternatively, click below to find the tours of your interests.