Things to do in the Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are the spectacular bunch of Caribbean islands that leave the travelers tongue-tied with their beauty. These islands are not only a beautiful destination spot but also home to the thousands of species and creatures that take pride in calling it their home.

From scuba diving with strangers to enjoying your private company by hiring the Virgin Island charter yachts, the options of entertainment on this island are limitless. If you’re not already familiar with the place, then we’ll give you a glimpse of its beauty in this article that emphasizes the things to do in the Virgin Islands.

 Trip to Buck Island

Although the marine park and the coral reefs are dead following the years of pollution on the island, the fabulous beach that crowns the island is quintessentially Caribbean. This means they’re calm, wide, and enriched with palm trees all over. Even though it is a half-day trip from the St. Croix island, it is worth the ride.

Chill at Cane Bay

The waters at this bay is favorable for swimming and is also regarded are the most favorite Bay at the St. Croix. The destination features a beautiful beach, located right at the beginning of the road, hence providing a chilled-out atmosphere to its visitors.

Explore the baths

This beautiful spot is located at Virgin Gorda. Initially, it is just accompanied by plenty of people, rough waters, and a tiny beach, but as you follow the sign to the caves, you will be mesmerized with what nature has to offer to us. A little crawling thought he rocks and boulders will arrive you at spot where tiny streams of water flows and falls from all sides, forming a beautiful bath.

Leisure the food and music at Redhook

If you wish to take a break from the waters and the sand, then this is the right spot. Located on the port town on St.Thomas Island, the spot is enriched with bars and restaurants. Live music, beach air, palm trees, and clubs with extravagant lights — do we need anything else to chill? Even though they’re beautiful in the mornings, the crowd gets lively only in the evening.

Hiking the reef bay trail

The hiking trial begins at the center of the ST. John Island and takes the route all the way through the old sugar plantations and a deserted sugar factory, situated by the waters. After a sweaty hiking session, the beach at the end of the hike is worth all the effort, and a perfect place for a dip. If you’ve still got some energy and adrenaline left, then you could combine this trial with the Cinnamon Trail.

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