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How Can Overseas Adventure Travel Spice Up YOUR Vacation?

Some Means of Travel for Adventure Travel: Truck and Buffalo Are you in for an adventure travel experience? You have found the right place.

Whether you are looking for the best activities, the best destinations, or the best tours, you can find them here.

As experienced travelers, we will give you our personal advise.

As opposed to Adventure Travel companies, who will all tell you how great their own offers are. We can give you an independent opinion.

Our own travels started 15 years ago, with a trip to Australia. Being affected by the Travel Bug, our vacations became longer and more adventurous, ending up with a 15 month Around the World Trip. Read more about that experience on our About Us page.

Long story short, we have covered many destinations, and did many exciting things. And we are describing all of those here to give you a good advice on your next Adventure.

Do you want to find your best Adventure?

Start your search for your best Adventure by reading some of our tales in different destinations. This website mostly covers overseas adventure travel tales, but you can find local tales as well. Use the navigation to find them, or use the search box below.


Or if you don't know where to go yet, have a look at our list of Best of's.

Have you found a destination you like?

We try to review the trips to these destinations which are available on the web. Look for these reviews at the country specific pages.

Can't find our reviews? Chances are we are still in the process of reviewing. Just have a look at the Travel Agent page, find a trip and ask for our opinion if you like. We are always eager to help fellow adventure travelers.

And if you are looking for some special things, have a look at our Special Interest sections. I bet you can find something of interest for your specific situation or interests.

Do you have Cold Feet?

No problem, it is normal to be hesitant before you dive into an adventure. Step by step, we learned how to explore the world, how to find great things to do, how to travel independent.

We never thought we would end up traveling for a year either!

Just take one step at a time, and start by subscribing to our newsletter below.

The Adventure Travel Guide:
How to Have the Time of Your Life

You Will...

  • Learn Why and How to Travel Independent (or not)

  • Get over your fear to be adventurous

  • Experience Absolute Freedom

  • Get Great Tips for What to Do and Where to Go

So don't hesitate and fill in the form on the right. There is no risk involved, just find out what we have to offer.

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And soon, you will have your own Adventure Travel Tales to tell.

Do you think it's not for you?

Adventure travel does not have to be about thrill-seeking activities like parachute jumping, white water rafting or bungee jumping. It can just be about exploring your holiday destination.

You can travel adventurous for any budget, as luxurious or basic as you would like it to be.

Do you want it cheap? Go backpacking!! Follow our tips to pack your gear, plan your budget, choose a destination and go-with-the-flow.

You don't consider yourself adventurous? Go on a tour, an organized group-vacation with like minded people like yourself.

You want luxury? Plan a luxurious safari.

Bottom line: there's an adventure there for everyone!!

Get Started, and Get addicted

Like most of us, we used to have lazy holidays in the sun. Sure, we had good times, but back at work they were soon forgotten and we were back in our stressful lives.

Since we discovered a different approach to traveling, we have exciting tales to tell when we're back. And it makes planning for a new vacation (a new adventure!!) much more exciting.

In short, it spiced up our entire life!! And it can spice up yours too!!

So, start your first Adventure right here. You don't even have to leave your comfortable chair. Just read some nice travel stories first. And sign up above to get more tips.


We're Dutch. And if you would like to visit our beautiful country, check out our website Around Amsterdam, because there's so much more to see than our capital!!

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Adventure Travel in Europe
Backpacking is the adventurous way to travel Europe. There is a broad network of accomodation and public transport in Western Europe. And visit Eastern Europe to find some unspoiled gems.
Adventure Travel in Russia
We went to travel Russia on the off chance, adventure travel in its basic form. We visit St. Petersburg and Moscow, see rural Russia and take the Trans Siberian Railroad to Lake Baikal
Adventure Travel in China, exploring a mix of culture and nature
When you look for an adventure, travel China!! Experience an intriguing culture and great landscapes. We travelled from the great wall of China via Xi'an to the hill tribes and landscapes in the south
Adventure Travel Southeast Asia, backpackers paradise
Southeast asia is where backpacking was invented. Here is everything a backpacker wants. All facilities in tourist hubs like Bangkok, but there are still many possibilities to go off the beaten track.
Adventure Travel Africa
Travel Africa for an unforgetable experience. Go on an African safari, and visit ancient African tribes. The wide variety of wildlife, landscapes and African culture makes you always want to come back
Adventure Travel in Latin America
From an adventure travel point of view, Latin America has it all. Tropical Rainforest, indigenous culture, mountains, sunny beaches, coral reefs, you name it, it's here.
Adventure Travel Australia
An Australia Adventure Vacation for those who like the western culture. Many young travelers come here for adventure and to party. But others will like the tropical climate and unique ecosystem too
The Best Adventure Travel Destinations Listed
Of all the adventure travel destinations everybody always wants to know the most beautiful, impressive, nice, or in short the best place to visit. Well, it depends. But here is a list of lists of best
Exciting Adventure Travel Activities for everyone
For many, adventure travel activities are what makes their travels adventurous. The outdoor activities listed here can give your travels an extra impulse. They are experiences you will never forget.
Family Adventure Travel for all ages
For many people, their adventure travels are over once they have children. Children like adventures, and there are many possibilities for family adventure travel with kids of every age.
Means of Transport for Adventure Travel
There are many different means of transport to get around. Nevertheless, most people take the plane to reach their destinations. Here, we present the alternatives for adventure travel
How Budget Travel can be adventurous
People like to go on holiday, but it should not cost much. The Internet is full of all kinds of budget travel options. But most of them are bad value for money. But budget travel can be great too.
The Ultimate Adventure Travel: a World Journey
Once you have the taste of Adventure Travel, you want nothing else. What about a longer trip, a world journey? Is it possible? How do I pay for it? What about this, and that? Here's our tale and tips
Your Virtual Adventure Travel Agent
We are not an adventure travel agent ourselves, but we have selected the best available adventure tours available. Check out our choices.
Adventure Travel T&T Blog
The ATT&T Blog keeps you informed of new adventure travel tales and tips on the Web site. Subscribe here.
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