6 Essential Kitchen Knives Every Chef Needs

During a culinary education, aspiring chefs are taught about the importance of using the right ingredients in a dish, to elevate the flavors as well as bring their best hand to the table. In addition to these special skills of cooking, they’re also guided on the tools that are essential in a kitchen – be it a home kitchen or a restaurant.  Having the right kind of tools and elements in a kitchen will not only enhance the efficiency of the work but also guide the chefs in the right direction.

However, with the presence of a sea of different knives in the culinary market, it can be quite intimidating to follow and choose the right ones, without favorable knowledge in the field. Hence, to make your work easier, we’ve jotted down the top 6 essential knives that are mandatory in every chef’s kitchen.

Chef’s knife

Chef’s knife is not an option, but a mere necessity in every kitchen (home or restaurant). They’re a versatile option that includes effectiveness from dicing the vegetables to cutting the perfect slice of meat. They’re usually of six to twelve inches and provide cutting leverage even for the tiniest hands.

Paring knife

It’s the best choice when precision is needed as it consists of a 3.5-inch blade that works like a garnish while concentrating on detailing. They’re generally useful to cut small and tender fruits and vegetables like ginger, garlic, strawberries, etc. They’re also the best suitable for Halloween pumpkin carving, which is explained in detail on ChoppyChoppy.

Utility knife

The name explains the usage of the knife. They’re multi-purpose knives that provide a blade longer than a paring knife but a narrower version of it. They’re generally six inches long. Although they are used for various purposes, they work the best for cutting fruits, vegetables, a loaf of bread, sandwiches, and soft, tender pieces of meat.

Bread Knife

They’re shaped in the form of a saw or are generally serrated. These are typically used for cutting items without applying an immense amount of pressure. Gentle slicing of bread is the best utility of these types of knives. Sometimes, they’re also used to cut juicy vegetables like tomatoes, melons, bell peppers, etc. They’re mainly used to protect the insides of a fruit or a vegetable.

Boning knife

They generally comprise of two versions- both of which have a unique purpose. Boning knives are usually narrow and have a sharp and heavy point. They’re traditionally six inches long, with either a flexible or a stiff blade. The stiff knives are used for peeling, while the flexible ones are used for removing bones in the meat.

Carving knife

They’re used for precise cutting and are 15 inches in length. They generally comprise of thin, flat blades that also prevents the food from sticking to the surface of the knife.

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