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How Travel became part of our daily lives

And how we make a living from it

Us on the boulevard in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Did you ever feel your vacation was too short?

Did you wish you could just go on traveling, having an adventure every day, not thinking about going back to your 9 to 5 job?

Well that's what me and Sabine did a few years ago. We took a year off, packed our bags, and hit the road.

I'm Patrick van der Meer and this site is filled with our experiences in the year that Sabine and I spent traveling.

As you can read elsewhere on this website, we had lots of marvelous experiences and fun. But there was more.

Did you ever experience absolute freedom?

Not having to go anywhere, but decide where to go just the night before, or change a plan the minute you see a better alternative?

That feeling cannot be explained. You have to feel it. We experienced it, and you can experience it too.

I bet I know what you're thinking. "But I have a mortgage, a job, a family, and not enough money. How can I travel full-time?"

You can overcome your obstacles to follow your dreams

Yes, we had the same obstacles. But we had a dream that we were determined to reach. So we took the challenge and found a way to live our dream for 15 months. And I'm sure you can do that, too.

But we still had to come back to our jobs, didn't we? Yes we did, and like many long-time travelers, we struggled what to do with the rest of our lives.

But in the end, we found a way to keep living in our dream, enjoying our travels even being back home. Our travels provide us an income, and it feels like a new dream.

So if you share the same longing for adventure, freedom and the joy of traveling, maybe you can find something in what we learned. And that can help you follow your own dream.

Do you really know what the world offers?

I'm sure you remember the time when travel was just a holiday each year to a beach destination. Until Sabine and I met, the only adventure travel we knew was a skiing holiday in wintertime. We simply had no idea about the world that was out there waiting for us.

On a jungle bridge in ThailandBut we finally found each other, and coincidentally ended up with a rental car in Australia, our holidays would never be the same again...

Isn't it amazing that once you leave a fixed pattern, you are wondering why you never did it before? Exploring a country, living in nature, experiencing new cultures, we learned how much fun it is to travel the adventurous way.

But I guess we don't have to tell you, you wouldn't be here if you were searching for a beach holiday.

To us, a whole new world opened (literally). And don't you love the feeling of an upcoming adventure vacation, too? The thrill of planning the destination and activities, even if you don't plan much.

So each year we couldn't wait for our next vacation. Too bad we had to work in between...

Are your vacations too short, too?

In the years following that first vacation together, we found out more ways of traveling the adventurous way. By rental car, public transport, organized adventure travel in groups, or with an overland truck.

It was great, but each time we agreed our vacations were just too short.

Once in a while, we met people who were on a gap year, sabbatical, or in an other way long time travelers.

At first, we were amazed. How can they do that, just leave everything and go? We thought they had to be very rich. But soon we learned they were not (at least most of them weren't).

They all had a different story, but the bottom-line was always the same: If you want it very badly, you can find a way.

Do you have the guts to change that?

You probably agree that being fascinated about long-time traveling is one thing, but deciding to do it yourselves is another.

But if you don't act on your new born desire, you may always regret that.

So after hearing enough stories, we looked at each other and wondered whether we could do it as well.

And we decided to investigate and set a dead-line for ourselves. Within six months we would have to find out if we could get enough money, and sort everything out to travel for a year.

The six months were used to investigate

  • what it would cost
  • whether we could raise these funds
  • whether our bosses would allow a sabbatical
  • the market for renting our house
  • insurances
  • how to stay healthy

When the six months were over, we didn't have to make a decision, in fact it was already made...

Whether and how you can find a way too, depends on you. But, if you read on, we might have an answer for you as well. One we didn't even have at the time of our decision.

The decision was made, we now only had to plan a date to start our trip. And then we went on preparing. Make arrangements with our boss, save money, plan a route, decide what to bring (and what not!), and so on.

You will notice, that not everybody in your surroundings will be as enthusiast about your plans as you are.

Our bosses were reluctant to let us go (but wanted us back when we returned).

Our families (especially our mothers) tried to convince us not to go.

Some friends thought we would be back within a month.

But our mind was set. And we just went...

But a dream always ends, right?

Well, you can read about our trip everywhere else on this website. In one word, it was great. OK, some more words: it was indeed like living a dream.

The feeling of being free to go wherever you want to, cannot be described. You just have to experience it, if only for once in your life.

We enjoyed that freedom, the sights, meeting both local people and travelers, and so much more.

Married, and having young kids, no more adventure travel?Then, we returned home. And it was great seeing our friends and family again, we had a very warm welcome back.

Our bosses welcomed us back, too, but a little less warm. Long story short, we both had to find new jobs.

So if you're afraid to loose your job after a year of traveling, yes you should be.

For us, we both found new jobs and did well. We married, and got two boys. We were happy, yes, but still longing for the journey we made.

So although it all ended well, the travel bug kept annoying us.

Here's what you can do

For our year of traveling, we created a website before we went. We had some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, and the website indeed ranked well for the Dutch keyword "wereldreis".

We even tried to make some money with it, with little results. We kept it alive, if only for the sweet memories of our travels...

But suddenly, while surfing the Net I came across SBI. It stands for Site Build It! and it was said to help you to turn a hobby, passion, or skill into an online successful business. Interesting, we do have a passion, or actually two: travel and the Internet. Sounds like a perfect match!!

Create a business, and keep living that dream!!

Still skeptical, we already tried to make some money online, we researched SBI, reading their website almost completely.

And guess what? It all made sense!!. Online success is not about building a website, it is about building a business.

We did have the skills to build a website, even one that could be found by others, but we didn't know how to build a business. And SBI would bring us all the tools to do that. Have a look at Video Tour and you'll see what I mean.

Helped by the offer of a refund if we didn't succeed, we just gave it a go!!

If you want to know more details about this, read our experience with SBI here.

And here we are. We now have a successful website, or actually more than one (two more in Dutch). And we do have a little online business.

We still have our normal jobs, but Patrick started working 1 day on the new business, and Sabine also started to work on it (also being at home with the kids).

Our business is not only this website, but also helping other people building an SBI website. It's fun, and we are happy with the extra's it already provides for us.

Sometimes we still wander, "what if we found SBI sooner". We could have traveled longer, maybe even stay away forever...

But heck, we wouldn't have our kids, and we wanted to return to our family and friends didn't we?

We learned that it is always better to look ahead. And on top of that, we found a way to continue spending most of our time with the things we love.

Our advice to you is to find it too!! You can use SBI to fund your travels, or anything else you want in life.

Here's how you can do it

Simple, just try hard enough. But it helps if you have the right tools. With SBI, you do not need any special skills on HTML or other tech-stuff to build a website. Just some basic computer skills is enough.

You can build a website about any topic you like. There are hundreds of succesful SBI websites about many topics, check them out to get an idea of what is possible.

And SBI is more than building a website, it is building a Business (in fact, it is suggested to change the name into Business Build It!). And you don't even need an existing business, service, or product to sell.

What you do need is your Brain and Motivation. If you have that, SBI will take you by the hand and teach you how to build your business.

Convinced? Then read more about SBI by clicking here.

So, do you still think you cannot escape your 9 to 5 job, travel to see the world, or turn your passion into your job? Or is it because you do not have the guts to pursue your dream? So many people (including us) showed you they could do it, and so can you!!

"If you don't shoot, you cannot score"
Johan Cruyff, famous Dutch soccer player (translated from Dutch)

Change your life, before it's too late.

If you have any questions, please let us know, we'll be happy to help you take the next steps.

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