Adventure Travel in Boquete, Panama

by Carol
(Boquete, Panama)

Quetzal Boquete, Panama

Quetzal Boquete, Panama

Put coffee and adventure travel together in one sentence and you'll think "what"?. Well that is exactly what you will find in Panama.

Panama, once famous as the cross road for world commerce, has now become synonymous with Coffee. In 2007 La Esmeralda Estate sold their Geisha bean, at auction, for $130 a pound green. All of a sudden, the eyes of the coffee world were on Panama. Think coffee and what comes to mind; Kona, Jamaican Blue, Ethiopian, or Costa Rica. Now Panama had the spotlight.

Few people realize that outside Panama City, and the canal zone, is a valley of wondrous riches.

Boquete Volcano

In the province of Chiriqui, near the border to Costa Rica, is a once active Volcano. The Volcán Barú Boquete (also Volcán de Chiriqui) is the tallest mountain in Panama; 3,474 meters (11,398 ft) high.

This once active volcano has created a valley with a micro-climate like no other in the world. Boquete is often called the Valley of the Flowers, as they grow year round here.

What makes this mountainous area so unique is that its many valleys create unique micro-climates, with six or seven in less than six-square miles. It is a perfect climate for coffee; and also wildlife.

An Adventure to Reach the Coffee

However, since the discovery of this fabulous coffee is so new, just to get to some of the estates requires a 4x4 vehicle, and during the rainy season, sometimes even that is not enough.

So, here comes the coffee and adventure part. With a Kona coffee tour or a Napa Valley wine tour, you can just get in your car, take a drive, and you're there. But in Panama, to sample single estate coffee from these special small micro-growers, requires a guide, hiking shoes, and/or a rugged truck.

So you can combine coffee and adventure in the same travel experience. You just have to come to Boquete, Panama. If coffee is not your thing, Boquete also has the Resplendent Quetzal, Howler Monkey's, Sloths; an abundance of wildlife that can also be seen on your trek to taste some of that award winning coffee.

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Boquete is Coffee and More!
by: Anonymous

This is great news for the coffee families of Boquete. For more than a hundred years, coffee has been grown there, and the flavor is unique. There are many varietals and processing techniques unique to Boquete. By supporting the coffee growers of Boquete, one can also slow down the accelerated urban development threatening this mystic place.

Website Review
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful article and lovely pictures. I am ready to plan a trip to Panama to enjoy the tours and scenery.

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