Adventure travel in Israel

by Uriah Yaniv



Israel is a relatively small country and is only about 500 kilometres long from north to south. You can find there a wide variety of climates, habitats and cultures.

Israelis are used to hiking around and to visiting any corner of the country. One can say that it is the second nature of the people. You'll find young couples even with very young kids, college students, boy and girl scouts, pensioners with a young spirit, members of kibbutsim, people from towns and villages from a wide variety of backgrounds making trips. So if you need a helping hand, some good person is not far away.

The great thing about the country is that there is never a dull moment, as landscapes change at a high speed. You can find here many forms of wildlife, places to watch migrating birds in the season, biblical and archaeological sites, sites for extreme and not so extreme sport and the weather is most of the time (at least 90% of the year) in your favour.

Adventure travelling in Israel has many faces:

- Walking trips in the free nature.
- Mountain biking.
- Jeep trips.
- Canoeing.
- Air-gliding and parachute gliding.
- Scuba diving or snorkeling.
- Abseiling, rappelling or as it is called here snapling.
- Birdwatching.

You can do it in daytime, but some also during the night and see a whole different world of wildlife.

Each season allows a different style of activity.

When you plan your adventure trip you can build it according to your fitness and preferences in an intensive or easy going way. There are activities for each age.

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Another great adventure travel destination
by: Patrick

Israel as a travel destination is mostly known for beaches and biblical sites. Now we know it is great for adventure travel as well.

Thanks for sharing!!

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