Take an Adventure Budget Travel Vacation and have one hell of a good time

Every backpacker can tell you how an adventure budget travel vacation or trip is the best experience they had. Many of them were more or less forced to travel on a shoestring, but experienced how budget travel is an adventure in itself. When you cannot afford all-in vacation packages, expensive air-travel or luxurious lodgings, you will have to search for cheaper alternatives.


Let’s take a look at two different ways of organizing a trip. First, let’s say someone has the money to choose whatever she likes on a two month trip (for instance, between high school and college). She would probably look for an ideal destination offering her sun, a beach, and excellent lodging. Then she would bring some friends, and make sure there would be enough night life. Now, at the end of the trip, would she have had fun? Yes. A good time? Yes. Adventure? Hmm, no not very much.

Then, suppose she didn’t have much money. Just enough to get away. She would search for cheap accommodation, end up in a backpacker hostel, make friends, find out about other cheap travel options, and move on. It would be a very interesting, adventurous, fun way of traveling.


You will find that traveling on a shoestring is adventurous, it will take you to places not often visited by others, it will bring you in contact with interesting people, both locals and fellow travelers, and you will learn to live as the locals do. After all, they are not enjoying an expensive vacation either. Bottom line: you will have one hell of a good time!!

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