Adventure Rally: combining travel with motor sport

The Paris Dakar rally is the ultimate event for Motor sport fanatics. But what about combining a rally with adventure travel? An adventure rally is the answer. Following an interesting route through unspoiled countries where normal tourists will never come, adventure racing is a new hype among motor sport enthusiasts.

Every once in a while an exciting adventure rally is organized. In the summer of 2008 it's time for exciting adventure race in Eastern Europe, more specifically the Balkan and the Caucasus. It will be an event that should not be missed:

The Caucasian Challenge - The Last Great Adventure Race

Traveling through 11 countries, former and current conflict zones and every possible type of terrain; The Caucasian Challenge is a legendary entry into the popular motor sports travel phenomenon, the adventure rally.

Amateur motor sports enthusiasts and first timers get the chance to explore overlooked but culturally rich regions with the Caucasian Challenge. Urging their audience to "look closer" the itinerary takes participants through an incredible 11 countries beginning in Budapest, Hungary. Traveling through the Balkan and beyond, organizers have planned their route to include scenic off-the-beaten-path roads and geo-caching challenges.

The Caucasian Challenge is organized by experienced explorers and adventure travel professionals as a way to see areas inaccessible by any other method. Participants head south-east into Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria before leaving the Balkan and crossing the Bosporus Channel into Turkey. They will then navigate the full length of Turkey, including the area near the Iranian boarder into Georgia before leading down to Armenia and the politically uncertain area of Nagorno-Karabakh before reaching the finish line in Yerevan, Armenia.

Astute observers will recognize the names of the route locations for their part in the famous Balkan conflicts of the 1990's or current turmoil in the area of Nagorno-Karabakh. Lead organizer Attila Berenyi manages a blog on the Caucasian Challenge website that informs participants about current news and strategy for dealing with difficult areas and uncertainty. Perhaps a key indicator of the organizer's technology strategy is the official car – an ancient Soviet Moskvich with new windshield wipers, fuzzy dice and rally stickers.

As a part of the larger Chennai Event Management Services' roster of motorsports events like this adventure rally, the emphasis is on discovery and having a great time instead of setting any land speed records. While parties are not planned for every night en route, spontaneous celebrations are an encouraged way to meet other participants and locals interested in checking out what is sure to be a memorable spectacle.

International teams from Germany, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Great Britain, the US and South Africa have already registered prompting organizers predict a full registration ahead of the final cut-off date in mid-August.

# # # The Caucasian Challenge, "the Last Great Adventure Race" is an epic 2 week motor rally through every type of terrain across 11 countries of the Caucasus. The Caucasian Challenge is a Chennai Event Management Services event combining the most exciting trends in motor sports and adventure travel. To learn more about other CEMS events please visit:

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