Exciting Adventure Travel Activities for everyone

For many, adventure travel activities are what makes their travels adventurous. Although we think traveling in itself can be adventurous, there are many kinds of outdoor activities that can give your travels an extra impulse. Exiting activities are experiences you will never forget.

White water Rafting

In order to give an overview of what kind of adventure travel activities are possible, we will make a distinction into several groups of activities. This will make it easier for everybody to choose the activities that suit them the most.

We have experience in many of the activities mentioned below, and we will add articles about those in due time. If you have questions about them, if you have information about one them, or if you have an activity not mentioned here, please Contact Us.

Adrenaline activities

Adventure Travel Activities that will give you a boost, a rush of adrenaline through your body. They may be dangerous, although in most cases enough precautions are taken. Note that the activities in the other categories can also give you an adrenaline rush, but here, the more extreme ones are given.

Here is a list of activities you can think about:

  • White water rafting. Raft down fast flowing rivers. Read about our Zambezi River Rafting trip here
  • Bungee jumping. Jump from a bridge or high crane with an elastic band around your ankles
  • Parachute jumping. Jump from an airplane. Solo jumps are possible after a short course
  • Skydiving. Free fall from an airplane, until you pull the parachute. Do as we did, and start off with Simulated Skydiving in an Indoor Skydiving center.

Flying activities

To be able to fly has always been peoples wish. For some, getting in an airplane is already too much, other people want to explore all kinds of flying. Here are the ones we can think of:
  • Hot air ballooning. Easy going in great landscapes
  • Paragliding. Run down hill until your parachute lifts you up. Read how we learned the Paragliding Basics
  • Hanggliding. Jump from a hill and fly like a bird.

Skill activities

The Adventure Travel Activities listed in this category require certain skills. For beginners, though, there are often introduction courses, where skills are not required upfront
  • Survival activities / challenge parcours. All kinds of activities to cross rivers, climb or descend mountains, etcetera
  • Dropping, GPS navigation. You are dropped and need to find your way back.
  • Archery. Shooting with bow and arrow
  • Speleology. Finding your way in dark narrow caves
  • Canyoning. Finding a route through narrow canyons and through rivers
  • Shooting with all kinds of armed guns
  • Mountain biking

Water activities

There are a lot of Adventure Travel Activities possible in or around water. If you live near a lake or the sea, one of these activities might turn into an exciting hobby.
  • Water skiing
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing, surf canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Diving/snorkeling
  • Raft building

Catamaran Sailing from the beach

Motorized activities

Anything that has a motor in it can be the basis of an exciting activity. Here are a few:
  • Quad or Trike. Four or three wheeled all-terrain vehicles
  • Four wheel drive. The big brother of the above.
  • Car control. Control your car in difficult circumstances (wet roads mostly)
  • Karting. Small vehicles, close to the ground
  • Motorcycling

Team events

A lot of the activities mentioned above can be done in teams, for instance for team building events. For some activities, teams are even required. Examples are:
  • Paintball. A war game with bullets of paint.
  • Highland games. Originated in the Scottish highlands, different kinds of competitive games

Holiday activities

Some Adventure Travel activities are typical for holidays. They require specific surroundings or conditions that can only be found in specific places, or you just need enough time to do them. In fact, the activities listed here are activities that may take all or most of your holiday time.
  • Hiking. Sure, you can walk anywhere. But walking enthusiasts pick their destinations where walking is best.
  • Skiing.
  • Mountain climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Dog sledding. The way to get around in the Nordic area
  • Safari. Mostly done in Africa, but there are safaris elsewhere too
  • Hunting. To some a controversial activity. To others, necessary to control wildlife

Extreme Sports

This is a category you would normally not choose from. These activities are just too dangerous for normal people. There are no precautions taken, so it is someone’s own responsibility to not pass the limit… Here are a few of these extreme sports:
  • Base jumping – Jump from a building just high enough for your parachute to open
  • Street luging – Ride down a long hillroad on a specialized skateboard. No brakes, nothing
  • Speed skiing – Downhill in a straight line with speeds up to 250 km/h. If you don’t fall, you will survive.
  • Cave diving – Diving in a dark cave. If something goes wrong, there is no time to reach the surface in time.
  • Free diving – Diving as deep as you can without oxygen.

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