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Adventure Travel Indonesia, One country, Many Destinations

Traditional Village on Flores, Indonesia Adventure Travel in Indonesia is as diverse as you want it to be. The large Archipelago consists of many islands, each with its own identity, people, and culture.

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Visit the Orang Utans and old cultures on Sumatera

Sumatera is the large westenmost island of Indonesia. It is one of the islands which still has a lot of jungle, although deforestation is a problem here as well.

Bukit Lawang is located at the bank of the Bohorok river near Gunung Leuser National Park. It is where the Bohorol Orangutan rehabilitation center is located. The village suffered from a large flood in 2003, caused by the deforestation. But the village recovered and is still a great place to visit if you want to see the Orang Utans in the Jungle.

Nearby is scenic Lake Toba. A great place to relax, and to get to know the Batak culture, well known for their canabalism in the old days.

West Sumatera is the domain of the Minangkabau people, muslims with a matrilinear system. It is also the area for great nature walks. Because of the altitude, it's relatively cool here.

Java, densely populated with a lot of nature

Java is the most populous island in the world, and the dominant island for Idonesian politics. Yet, it is located on the ring of fire, and as a consequence has a lot of active volcanoes, and other natural resources. Prambanan Hindu temple complex near Yogyakarta

We arrived by boat from Sumatera, and visited the crowded cities and nature of West Java. Then we went on to visit Yogyakarta with its cultural monuments, the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, and the active volcano Merapi.

Hindu culture on Bali

Bali is the most well known island of Indonesia. It is popular for a beach vacation in Kuta. But for Adventure travelers, it is more interesting to explore the nature and Hindu culture on the rest of the island. We chose Ubud as our base to explore Bali.

Nusa Tenggara Islands

The rest of the volcanic arc in the south of Indonesia is formed by the Nusa Tenggara Islands. Apart from Bali, the islands are not very well known, and thus great for adventure travel in Indonesia. We visited Gili Air, and took a Komodo Dragon Cruise along the islands of Sumba, Sumbawa, Rincah, and Komodo to Flores. Meanwhile doing a lot of relaxing, snorkeling, and visiting the mighty and fiercefull Komodo Dragons.

On Flores Indonesia (not to be mixed up with Flores in Guatemala, or other places with the same name), we visit ancient villages and the three colored lakes of the Kelimutu volcano.

The rituals of Sulawesi

Funeral Procession in Tana Toraja The island of Sulawesi is our next stop. We visit a dutch fortress in Makassar, a big but charming city. Then we move on to the mountains of Tana Toraja, famous for their funeral rituals, which impress us very much.

When we arrive inCentral Sulawesi we notice how the island has been suffering from ethnic fights, resulting from Transmigration. As a consequence, the village of Tentena is very quiet when we visit it.

Eastern islands of Maluku and Papua

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to visit the Eastern Part of Indonesia: the Maluku islands and Papua. ALthough there have been conflicts in Maluku as well, these spice islands must be nice to visit and are really off the beaten track. Papua (formerly known as Irian Jaya, or Dutch New Guinea) is also a very exotic destination for Adventure Travel in Indonesia, with its nearly inaccessible jungle and culture.

Adventure Travel offers in Indonesia

Because of the size of Indonesia and it's many islands, there are no tours offering the complete package. You have to choose which part of Indonesia you would like to explore. Here are a few choices you could make:

GAP Adventures has a 13 days Indonesia Island Hopping Tour, but it is mosly visiting Flores, Komodo, and Bali.

They also have a 15 days Best of Bali and Lombok tour, including trekking to the rim of the Gunung Rinjani volcano, very spectacular.

But our favorite would be the 15 days West Papua Tour, including visits to remote tribes in the jungle of Papua.

Responsible Travel has an Orangutan trek in Bukit Lawang which is great if you're staying in Bali.

They also have a tour combining Orangutans and Komodo Dragons, visiting Kalimantan and Komodo Island from Bali.

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