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Adventure Travel Kenya:
Safari paradise and more

The Fish River Canyon

Kenya is one of Africa’s most secured and western oriented nations. It is therefore the number one safari destination. But for those looking for adventure travel, Kenya has more to offer.

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Have you seen the magnificent shots of hunting lions and herds of wildebeests on Discovery Channel or National Geographic? If you fancy seeing these scenes with your own eyes, Kenya is the first destination you might want to consider.

But did you know Kenya has a lot more to offer? What about an encounter with the Samburu or Masai tribe, a climb to the top of Mount Kenya, or fishing on Lake Turkana? Let's have a look at Kenya's most interesting attractions.

Safari wildparks

The national parks of Kenya are among the best in Africa. As Kenya also has a well-managed system to preserve these parks it is known as the top safari destination of the world.

The most important safari wildparks are:

  • Amboseli National Park, famous for their elephants and the back-drop scene of the Kilamanjaro
  • Masai Mara, the largest wildpark in Kenya. The wildebeest migration from the Serengeti ends here, so this is where you will head to for the most spectacular views.
  • Mount Elgon National Park, which is the third biggest mountain area in Africa.
  • Saiwa Swamp National Park, a small private reserve full with rare species of birds, monkeys, and the Sitatunga, an almost destinct aquatic antelope.

Visit the Tribal Villages

As soon as you escape from the big city of Nairobi, you will see members of the best known tribe in Africa: the Masai.

This colorful tribe can be recognised by the red checkered dress they wear, and the colorfull necklaces with thousands of little beads.

But there are more african tribes in Kanya, still living a traditional lifestyle. They live with their cattle in villages with small huts made of twigs and cow dung.

Where the Masai can mostly be found in the South of Kenya, more up North you will find the Samburu, related to the Masai and also dressed in red. The Turkana can be found even durther north, near the lake with the same name.

But there are lots more smaller tribes in Kenya, spread all over the countryside.

Adventure Activities

Kenya is ideal for adventure activities. If you want a little more than a normal safari trip, here's what you can do:

Enjoy a Balloon Trip: a short air balloon trip above especially the Masai Mara has become one of increasing demands. For this trip you have to leave in the early morning. It is an amazing experience to see the sunrise flying above the Kenyan plains. Moreover, this is also the best time for watching animals.

Climb Mount Kenya. Dress yourself for the cold (it can be icy up there) and prepare for some serious climbing to the top of Mount Kenya. It is said to be tougher than mount Kilimanjaro, which is more famous.

Visit or join the dhow boat races. 5. Enjoy Diving Into Indian Ocean: Kenya is also popular for snorkeling and diving. At Watamu National Park, the reefs along with the Coast are the still in best conditions. In this ocean you will get to see different exotic fish, in many shapes and color conceivable. 6. Visit Lake Nakuru: At this place you will see thousands of those beautiful pink flamingos gathered together on Lake, which you have only seen in movies. This pink flamingo moves front and back as they feed. Besides, you can also catch white and black rhino at the Nakuru Lake. Nakuru Lake is also one of the best places where you can spot leopards. Apart from above adventure travels in Kenya you can also do trekking at the iced Mount Kenya, the dhow races, the coastal city of Mombasa and much more. Nowadays, there are various travel agencies that offer various schemes for adventurous trip and obviously you can get easily through online contact these agencies and know the details that they offer about the adventurous trip to Kenya.

Visit Etosha National Park for the Big Five

Cheetahs in Etosha National Park

Adventure Travel offers in Kenya

Gap Adventures

GAP adventures has several tour packages for Namibia, though you have to watch that some may depart from Windhoek but the tour is actually through Botswana after that.

The Absolute Namibia 10 day trip is a good option if your time is limited, as it visits most of the highlights.

Similar, but starting in Cape Town in South Africa, is the Cape en Dunes Discoverer of 13 days. In both tours, you will be staying in hotels.

For a bit more adventure, the same trip can be done by overland truck in the Cape and Dunes Experience.

There are several longer trips, combining the above trips in Namibia with other surrounding countries.

African Overland Tours Himba Girl

African Overland Tours has several overlanding tours in Namibia, possibly combined with the surrounding countries Botswana, South Africa and others.

As part of their tours in Namibia, African Overland has the opportunity to visit the ancient Himba tribe, a unique experience.

If you head to the south of the country, you can see the Fish River Canyon as well as the Kalahari and Namib deserts. Most tours have camping accommodations, so you'll be roughing it. If you prefer a bit more comfort, they have a larger tour that will take you through most of the country with lodge accommodations instead.

Responsible Travel

There are a few dozen different tour choices from several Responsible Tour operators, gathered by Responsible Travel. Some of these tours have guides and some are self-guided trips.

You can choose pretty much any Namibia sight to see, and experience anything the country has to offer.

Many of the longer tours go beyond Namibia to neighboring Botswana or Zambia. True to their name, you can go for an eco-friendly tour or even spend part of your holiday doing volunteer work in Namibia. For an overview of the responsible tours in Namibia, click here.

Kumuka Worldwide

Kumuka has an 11 day Lodge-based tour along the Namibia Highlights. This is a more luxurious option, for those who like a little more comfort.

Another luxurious option is the Desert Dunes and Rhino Tracking trip of 13 days. As the title suggests, the major highlight here is the opportunity to track the rare black rhino.

Kumuka has several other tours as well, also less luxurious and even overlanding, like the Desert, Delta and Falls tour, or the Cheetas, Sand Dunes, and Waterfalls tour. As you might have guessed, these tours combine other countries as well.

Click here for an overview of all Kumuka tours in Namibia.

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