Africa Overland, Picture Yourself in the Middle of the Adventure

With an overland truck in Africa, you can find unique camp locations Africa is the most exciting continent on earth. By visiting Africa overland you can experience its wide plains, extensive wildlife, and ancient tribes from up close.

To experience this continent to the fullest, you have to be in the middle of it. Not only should you make game drives in the National Parks, but you should return from those to a campsite in the bush. And best of all, you should make your trip through Africa overland.

Can you leave your luxury behind?

When we say overlanding we obviously mean traveling over land. So it doesn’t mean flying from highlight to highlight, but it also doesn’t mean using public transport.

The idea of traveling Africa overland is to experience everything this continent has to offer, not only the National Parks, but also the villages, bad roads, and everything else.

And have the experience of a lifetime?

The truck and some of our earlier guests When you travel overland, you agree that reaching a destination is not the most important aspect of a trip. Getting there is part of the exciting experience.

It includes sleeping on the African soil, touching the grass and sand, smelling the animals you don’t see. You will have no luxurious toilets, you will be showering with cold water in the open air, and you will have diner in the bush.

To some, it sounds harsh, for an adventure traveler it’s paradise.

How can you travel Africa Overland?

There are three ways to experience Africa overland. The first is by having your own vehicle. This, of course, is having absolute freedom. However, it requires a lot of guts, and you need to know how to fix your car when it breaks down.

Your second option is to join an overland truck tour. These have fixed itineraries, and you need to travel in a group. It can work out fine, as we experienced two times, but if you are unlucky, or you have specific demands, this may not be your best option.

The third option, however, may give you the best of both worlds. By hiring an overland truck with a driver, you can have all the freedom you want, without the risks.

How about hiring this truck:

Our overland truck with panoramic view

Take your friends to a wonderfull trip

If you can find a group of people to join you, you can have the adventure of a lifetime. We can arrange this truck with driver and cook for you, and you can decide for yourself where to go in East, or Southern Africa!!

Make your own itinary and route through one or more countries, go whenever you want and how long you want, choose the activities YOU want to do, combine it with a study project, or just have a wonderfull holiday, and all within your own budget.

Stay on campsites, in hotels or even combined, anything is possible. Let the truck bring you and your group to National Parks, Waterfalls, ancient African tribes, villages, whatever.

Do you want to walk with lions, or see the chimpansees?

The overland truck in Namibia Obviously, we can advise you on the itinerary. Whether you like to walk with lions, see penguins, visit a chimpanzee orphanage, or want to go whitewater rafting on the mighty Zambezi, it can be included in your trip.

The overland truck is fully equipped and suitable to transport up to 18 passengers. Every 2 passengers have their own luggage locker, there is a complete kitchen on board and a big enough water supply for a few days. Tables and little stools are available when camp is set up.

The truck is open (it's possible to close when it is raining) and high, the benches are facing outwards which means clear and free view and it is absolutely perfect for game drives and photographic safaris.

If you have more questions about overlanding Africa, or if you are interested, just contact us.

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