The Best Adventure Travel Destinations Listed

Of all the adventure travel destinations we have seen, everybody always wants to know the most beautiful, impressive, nice, or in short the best ones. Well, it depends…

Going on an adventure travel activity, vacation, or long trip means you get to see, do, or experience things you would normally not see, do, or experience at home. There are many aspects that can make a destination worthwhile. Ranking them just isn’t fair, since most cannot compared to each other.

Having said that, we recognize everybody’s wish to rank the best adventure travel destinations. When we plan a new vacation or trip, we also like to see the next ranked destination we haven’t seen yet. So, we just have to provide you with some lists…

Best overall adventure travel destinations
An overall adventure travel destination needs to be relaxing, interesting, it has to have nice and enough activities to do, and also good food and lodging.

Best adventure travel cities
Same thing, but now for cities. Cities tend to be less relaxing, but more interesting. There are some other criteria to rank cities then other places.

Best adventure travel countries
For longer vacations, you will consider countries instead of cities or single destinations. An ideal adventure travel country needs to have different places with different types of activities and sights.

Best Unusual Travel Destinations
Going off the beaten track. What are the best destinations visited by little tourists.

Where can you have the best Experiences?
Now, for the specific experiences found in the different adventure travel destinations, we have made some other categories.
Most interesting people or tribes
On our travels, we met people of different origins. Most of them are slowly but surely changing their way of life. But some of them are still keeping their traditions, and they are the most interesting.

Public transport experiences
Our quest was to travel the world without using airplanes. It forces us to make use of public transport in areas not frequented by tourists. Our most special public transport experiences.

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