An Australia Adventure Vacation for those who like the western culture

If you like adventures, but are keen to the western culture, adventure travel in Australia is the way to go. Many young travelers come here, not only for the highlights, but also just to have a good time. But the tropical climate, unique ecosystem, and the presence of the great barrier reef, make Australia also a favorite destination for older adventurers.

Michaelmas cay Snorkeling Beach at the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is where we learned what an adventure vacation can be like. We ended up here for a business trip, but decided to have a look around. We were amazed about the variety of Melbourne tours in Victoria. We even saw penguins, and learned that Australia doesn't have a tropical climate throughout the whole region.

Then we witnessed the emptiness on the Bruce highway from Brisbane to Cairns, and the beauty of the Queensland beaches we came across.

We continued to have some Adventure Tours in Cairns to both the tropical rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef. We even dived among the sharks!!

We continued to experience the heat and humidity in Darwin. From there, we took a Kakadu Safari, to see the landscapes and wildlife of Kakadu National Park. Then we headed home via Australia’s one and only big city, Sydney. I know, Australia has more big cities, but this is the only one that can be compared with the big cities in the world.

Australian Outback

Besides the populated areas in Australia, it is the Australian Outback that speaks most to the imagination when thinking of the Australian continent. Massive areas of desert, where very little is growing, and life can be very harsh. Yet, this is an area very suitable for adventure travel, since traveling through the deserts is an adventure in itself.

When asked, most people can only mention Ayers Rock as an attraction in the Australian Outback. But the outback has much more to offer. In fact, it consists of many different areas, each with its own characteristics.

Rita Amend has traveled to Australia several times since 1990, and can be considered to be an expert on the Outback. Especially for Adventure Travel Tales and Tips, she wrote an article about adventure travel in the Australian Outback, describing the different attractions.

New Zealand

Although New Zealand is not part of Australia (not even of the continent of Australia, it's part of Oceania), the two remote countries are related, at least for Europeans and Americans. Unfortunately, we have not visited this beautiful country yet. But you can read what Gail Gillespie has written about Adventure Travel in New Zealand for us.

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