Belarus Adventure Travel

by Natasha Eberhart
(Atlanta, USA)

Have you ever been to av very beautiful country Belarus? I am sure that this trip would be among the brightest in your life. Haven't you ever been to Belarus? You certainly should visit this great country. What is that special about Belorussia? Over 6 cities of Belarus were founded more than 800 years ago, 500 villages are more than 300 years old. More than 1000 thousands monuments of culture, history, archeology reflect the remarkable history of the Belorussian people.

But perhaps real adventure one can find in Belorusssian Logoisk Mountains. Most of us are the big city kids. But from time to time we experience great temptation to escape from our every day routine and once again to remember taste of clear water, to enjoy unspoiled nature, to listen to sounds of the mountain streams and the birds singing. No wonder that rural or green tourism becomes so popular.

Belorussian Logoisk Mountains are a heaven for the rural tourism. Bordering four European countries, this area of Belarus has managed to save its unspoiled nature and ethnic originality. Does it sound too good to be true? Fortunately it is true for now. Everybody can find his/her special place there to feel happy any season of the year.

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