The Best Countries for Adventure Travel

For longer vacations, you will consider the best countries instead of cities or single destinations. An ideal adventure travel country needs to have different places with different types of activities and sights.

Here's our list:

Number 1: Guatemala

This may surprise you, but Guatemala is great. It's the country where most of the inhabitants are native american. It is colourful. It has historical sites (Maya temples). It has rainforests. Better yet: it has the historical sites in the rainforests. It has volcanoes. It has laid back villages to stay. It is Latin America summarized in a small country.

Number 2: Indonesia

Well, this one isn't fair, actually. Indonesia shouldn't have been a single country. Every island has its own character, it's own identity. Bali cannot be compared to Papua New Guinee, for instance. But there are many, many places where you can have a great Adventure Travel vacation.

Number 3: Ethiopia

Not a very common choice. But this is the country to be for Adventure Tavelers. It has ancient tribes (lip plate tribe, to mention just one). It has scenery in the central highlands. It has culture (coptic christianity). It has lakes and waterfalls. But it is a bit difficult to travel, but hey, that's adventurous!!

Number 4: Cambodia

This country suffered from the regime of the Khmer Rouge. Because of this, it has a bad infrastructure, making it difficult to travel. But the people are friendly, the nature is good, and it has the best temple complex in the world (Ankor Wat). But most impressive are the historic sites of the Khmer Rouge: Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng prison, and other sites.

Number 5: Laos

Comparable to Cambodia, Laos also has bad infrastructure, nice people, and good nature. Add in the majestic Luang Prabang, relaxing Vang Vieng, several hill tribes, and some other places of interest. Vientiane is a bit disappointing, though.

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