The Best Destinations for Adventure Travel

The best destinations for adventure travel need to be relaxing and interesting. They have to have nice and enough activities to do, and also good food and lodging.

Here is our list:

Number 1: Luang Prabang

This charming city in Laos has a great atmosphere. It is a bit difficult to reach, yet many tourists have found their way there. Up till now, however, it remains a relaxed place to be. And it has lots of interesting temples, good scenery over the mekong river, and nearby waterfalls and other activities. We had a marvelous time here.

Number 2: Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

From Medan in North Sumatra, Indonesia, a terrible bus ride brings us in Bukit Lawang. It is where the Oran Utan rehabilitation center is located. But there are more activities in and around this village. We have a beautiful room with a view over the river to the Oran Utans feeding on the mountain slope on the other side. In one word fantastic. Unfortunately, Bukit Lawang was almost entirely destroyed by flooding in 2003, and is now recovering.

Number 2: Yangshuo, China

This typical Chinese village has become a backpackers paradise. Beautiful scenery, many activities, good budget hostels, and a laid back atmosphere.

Number 4: Cesky Krumlov

In the Czech Republic, this medieval village is surrounded by a winding river. It has a beautiful castle, several museums, good hiking and other activities, and nice hostels.

Number 5: Lake Tana

In the north of Ethiopia, Lake Tana is near the origin of the Nile, and near the blue Nile falls. On an island in the lake are some old koptic churches. We stay at a campsite next to the lake, from where we spot monkeys, pelicans, sea eagles and other wildlife where we didn't expect it.

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