Share Your Best Travel Destinations

You do like our website, but don't really agree with our "Best Travel" choices? Well, obviously there is much room for debate. So let's do just that!! Share your best travel destination, and review others.

  • Did you encounter very special African Tribes? Or other tribes elsewhere, for that matter.
  • Do you agree that the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela are underrated? And do you know of other underrated great archaeological sites?
  • Are there even better locations to visit the Great Wall of China?
  • Do you know of other unspoiled gems, like Lithuania's Vilnius?

Feel free to include destinations discussed on other pages of this website too, just give YOUR reasons why it is your favorite destination.

Other Visitors' Favorites

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Beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. You'll Love it.  
While living in Vancouver we spent most of our leisure time in and around the beautiful village of Whistler . We hiked, skied, ate too much, golfed …

Adventure travel in Israel 
Israel is a relatively small country and is only about 500 kilometres long from north to south. You can find there a wide variety of climates, habitats …

Active Travel Cambodia  
The years of fear and loathing are over. Right now, Cambodia is just about as hot as it gets on the global travel map. Peace has come to this beautiful …

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