Cabo San Lucas - Adventures to Satisfy Most Anyone

by Laura Ramirez
(Cabo San Lucas Mexico)

Our Family In Cabo San Lucas

Our Family In Cabo San Lucas

Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas is a great place for adventure. Whether you're into sport fishing, golfing, outback tours (Cabo is part rainforest, part desert), ATV tours, bird watching, whale watching, scuba diving, sailing on a pirate ship with the kids or swimming with the dolpins, Cabo has something to satisfy the heart of any adventurer-at-heart.

During the twenty years I've vacationed there, I've changed identities more than once: a single woman whose idea of adventure included hanging out, dancing all night, swimming, sunning, motor cycle riding and partying, part of a married couple, who spent whole days sport fishing for marlin and scouting out prime real estate near the beach and a mother who was perfectly content building sand castles, frolicking with her kids in the surf, teaching them how to swim and painting ceramics together on the beach. Over the years, I've changed and Cabo has changed along with me, always offering something to satisfy my needs.

My heart belongs in Cabo, which is why I return year after year. Although some people might think this boring, it's always a pleasure to return to the place I consider home.

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