California Beach Town in Peru?

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

Mancora, Peru - Beach

Mancora, Peru - Beach

Mancora, Peru - Beach Surf Lessons Cheap and Good Everyone's Interested! Good Lodging in Mancora Area

Well, not quite a California beach town, Mancora, Peru has a lot of the same features. Funky surf shops, cheap hostels, lots and lots of sun, burgers to pizza to vegie restaurants.

Add to this the highly-encouraged surfing experience by the Peru government as well as the locals (even old ladies wear t-shirts with waves and surfboards on them).

Of course, this is all in a third-world setting. The main attractions are:

  • Sun literally 300 days a year.

  • Temperature between 70F and 86F year round.

  • Warm to cool water.

  • Great surfing for beginners to advanced right in front of town.

  • Cheap surfing lessons and board rentals

  • Two world-class expert surfing areas within one hour (Cabo Blanco and Lobitos).

  • Cheap hostels and hotels (under $10.00 USD a night)

  • Luxury accommodations with pools, etc. (up to $200.00 USD per night).

  • Great selection of restaurants at good prices.

  • On the PanAm highway so buses leaving for Ecuador or south to Lima several times a day.

  • More laid-back beaches with accommodations etc (Los Organos) within a few minutes on bus.

  • And more...

Mancora, as well as Punta Sal to the north, are the beach destinations for sun-loving Peruvians as well as many from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Europe.

Many backpackers who have done the Machu Picchu/Cusco/Rainforest tours wind up their Peru travels with a few days in the sun and surf at Mancora.

Whether heading home or on to Ecuador or other countries, Mancora and the surrounding tropical desert beach area is the perfect place to relax and get a deep tan before moving on!

David Schneider

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