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Cesky Krumlov, a gem in Bohemia

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Vltava river and Cesky Krumlov
Bohemia in the south of the Czech republic is a mountainous area with forests, rocks, rivers, and old towns. One of the best preserved towns is Cesky Krumlov, situated on a peninsula between the meandering river Vltava. It has charming streets and a nice castle on the river banks.

We rise early in the morning to take the train to Ceské Budejovice. From there, we take a bus to Cesky Krumlov, from which we can see the nice surroundings of Bohemia. From the bus station it is a bit difficult to find out where we need to go to, but with a little help from a friendly local, we find the entrance to the town. Here we also find a tourist office, that directs us to a lovely hostel next to the river. The rest of the day we walk around the beautiful town, shooting pictures of the town, the river, the castle, etcetera.

The Castle

View on Cesky Krumlov from the castle towerCesky Krumlovs castle has a characteristic coloured tower. To enter the compounds, we have to cross a bridge over the moat. The moat is now empty, but there are two bears keeping guard. Through the gate we enter the inner square. From there we enter the tower, which isn’t very spectacular from the inside. But it does have 4 old bells, the oldest two created in 1406. And the views over the romantic town are great. When we climb down we continue through the rest of the castle, to end up in the castle gardens. As everywhere in Cesky Krumlov, these have a very relaxing feel to them.

In town, we visit the torture museum. All kinds of torture material are on display in the former prison cellars. There are also videos of how heads are chopped off, and other tortures. Cesky Krumlov castleIt’s not for the faint hearted, and we cannot image these things happened in this peaceful town.


There are a lot of activities possible in the direct surroundings of Cesky Krumlov. But we decide to spend a lot of time sitting in the garden of our hostel. The river flows gently past us, while we write in our diaries or read a book. Hostel life here is also great, we meet other people, cook our own food, and share it with others. It is the combination of a nice relaxing town, and the friendly backpacker surroundings that make our stay here just great.

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