Eco tourism and Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

by Alan Manning

Costa Rican Children

Costa Rican Children

There is something special and unique about the country of Costa Rica! I am sure those who have travelled there would agree. It's uniqueness is a combination of it's natural scenic beauty, its year round warm weather along with the friendliness of the Ticos themselves. It all makes Costa Rica ideal for eco tourism and adventure travel.

Due to its awe inspiring mountain terrain and panoramic views, Costa Rica is known as the "Switzerland" of Central America. Once in the country, you can visit mist shrouded volcanoes perched on high mountain peaks; explore lush green rain forests filled with tropical wildlife including many varieties of butterflies and exotic birds (850 species).

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world and scientists have identified 12 eco systems within this one small country! It is home to thousands of tropical plants, trees, and to a rainbow of brightly colored flowers.

Bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Costa Rica has 300 beaches to choose from! Some of the best beaches in the country are found in the province of Guanacaste in the Northwestern region of the country. There are also many excellent beaches along Costa Rica's Central Pacific and Southern Pacific coastline. There are also fine beaches on the Caribbean side of the country as well. In addition, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets year round, especially along the Pacific Ocean side of the country.

All Costa Rica vacations offer the traveler a host of unique places to visit throughout the country with a wide variety of interesting and fun things to see and do. Try your hand at sea kayaking, take a natural history tour, go horseback riding, stroll along a quiet beach or take a guided boat tour through a mangrove swamp teeming with wildlife! For the more adventurous, take a ride through the rain forest suspended on a cable high above the forest floor ("zip lining"), go white water rafting down one of Costa Rica's many rivers or take an ultralight flight along the coastline.

One of the little known "secrets" about travel to Costa Rica is that it is only a two and half hour flight from Miami, only four hours from Dallas/Ft. Worth and just a five and three quarters hour flight from Los Angeles! Most international flights fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport located several miles west of the capital city of San José. There are also international flights to the city of Liberia located within easy driving distance of the popular "Gold Coast" area of the country.

For those not familiar with this part of the world, Costa Rica shares its southern border with the country of Panama and the famous Panama Canal and is just below Nicaragua to the north.

We hope you plan on visiting Costa Rica soon and experience the wonders of this Central American paradise, first hand! For more information, visit Costa Rica Vacation Information.

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