Family Adventure Travel for all ages

There are many possibilities for family adventure travel with kids of every age. Yet, for many people their adventure travels are over once they start having children. But that's not necessary. Young children are flexible enough for Adventure Travel. All that is required is a different mindset, and the right preparation.

With Kids on Camels

Can you still enjoy Adventure Travel now you have a Family?

I know, now you have small children, your life is changed. You have to adjust everything you do, including traveling.

But that doesn't mean you just have to spend your vacations at home or in a resort. Children like adventures, and there are many adventurous things you can do with kids in every age.

Ever since we have children (two young boys), we are looking for ways to have a family adventure travel vacation every now and then. And we found different countries to visit, activities to do, things to see, that are of interest to both our children and us.

True, children do not have to travel to far away places to have a good time. And many parents translate that into the phrase "if the children enjoy themselves, so do we".

But isn't that born from a feeling that you at least have some rest while the children are playing?

Fact is, with young children you will be kept busy anyway. Whether they are playing in a playground, or watching animals on a safari hardly make a difference. So why should you refrain from doing things you like? Chances are your kids will like them too.

If you still have doubts, just read the following:

Kids are flexible

Do you experience something new every day? Well, young children do. For them, every new day is an adventure, learning new things. So they need to be flexible, and they are!!

SO if you take your kid to a new place, they adapt very quickly. They are less used to their normal situation than you are.

Kids are interested in other cultures

Playing on an Egyptian Temple

Do you notice how children stare at other people, especially when those who look a little different? Well, that's because they're interested! And the more different they look, the more interested they are. So people in other cultures are very interesting for them. But they are also very quick in accepting these differences, and you will be amazed how little time they need to start playing with other children, although they don't understand each others languages.

Hasn't Adventure Travel made your life richer?
The same holds for your children

When we return from each vacation, we are full of stories. We want to tell them to everybody. The same holds for children. They will have a lot of stories to tell at school. Our son Zeb (3 years old) took the picture of us on a camel to school, and the whole class was talking about it. It made him very happy.

So you can go on a Family Adventure Travel
albeit with a few adjustments

Obviously, family adventure travel requires some adjustments. But with a good preparation, and the right precautions, you and your family can have the time of your lifes.

The possibilities and precautions to take depends on the age of your children. Read about Adventure Travel with a baby, and we will add more information about toddlers, schoolchildren, and teens later.

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