How To Travel Light

Packing light is one of the best ways to travel as it allows you to move the light. If you are a hiker, you know the value of carrying light but also bring in things which can help with the trip. If you are beginners, there are few problems that may arise when you are trying to pack, but e have few tips which will help you travel light.

Use a small suitcase

Use a small suitcase

When you are starting, make sure that the suitcase that you carry is light. This is one of the best tips. If you want to travel light, make sure that you are carrying a light suitcase as this will make sure that you instantly lose 2-3 kgs of weight almost instantly. Check and compare the suitcases when you are buying for new luggage. There are many great deals, and you can look into the weight of the bag itself to decide the one which works well for you.

Use a packing list

One of the best ways to ensure that you do not overpack a packing list will help you see the number of things that you are carrying and also helps you effectively cut down on the things that you are taking with you.

Use compression packing cubes

Compression packing cubes put a natural limit to your clothes which can take the compression element and turn it into the amount of space that you have. This is one of the many saving tips which will help you weight properly and greater the compression the heavier the packing cube. Also, travelling with the compression cubes will allow your clothes to stay crease-free and also give some space for souvenirs.

3 Pairs of shoes

Shoes are important no matter where you go, and it is up to you to make sure that you carry the right shoes which match all your clothes. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you have access to all your favourite pairs which is coordinated with your clothes.


Use shower caps

Nobody wants the shoes to rub off against the white shirt, but showcases can be bulky one of the best ways to make sure that you have access to the best of both worlds is to use shower caps. Try to buy cheap sling shower caps which will help ensure that your shoes and clothes are kept safe.

Use a drawstring wash bag

There are many travel wash bags and makeup bags, but nothing can beat the cheap drawstring bags which you can pick up at the supermarket. This adds no weight and also washes well without you having to scrub on it.

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