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Lake Langano, a relaxing stop-over in Ethiopia

Lake Langano is one of the rift lakes in the south of Ethiopia. It is a great place to relax for a bit when travelling from the Cultural north to the ancient tribes in the south of Ethiopia.

The Great Rift Valley runs along the Eastern side of Africa. It has several rift lakes, often with interesting wild-life in or around them.

Lake Langano is one of these lakes, located 200 km south from Addis Ababa. It is a great place to relax and have a swim in the brownish, but clean water. Blend it in on your Adventure travel trip through Ethiopia.

doing the laundry at Lake Langano
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Driving south from Addis Ababa

On the south side of Addis Ababa traffic is much heavier than on the north. A lot of industry here, and consequently a lot of trucks on the road.

We are almost caught in a traffic jam, and even when we leave town, it’s still crowded on the road. This is the road to Kenya, which is the likely reason.

The villages we pass here also look richer, in fact less authentic, which we regret. But a little later we enter an open landscape. A kind of savannah, with typical acacia trees.

There is less agriculture here, and more nomadic farming. We see large herds of cattle, guided by very young boys.

Arriving at the Soda lake

Horb bills on the front of our truck
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We have passed a few lakes already before we leave the paved road to head for Lake Langano. A bumpy road leads to our campsite.

On top of the truck we have to dive away not to be hit by the branches of the trees on the side of the road, but that’s all in the game.

When we finally arrive, we see the first exotic birds when we set up our tents, and a little later we are busy pointing each other the different species we see, hornbills, ibises, and pelicans.

Because of the high concentration of soda, Lake Langano has a pink-brownish color. We dive into the water, and make a long walk along the shore. In the evening we have a great meal, a campfire, and a few drinks while listening to the water. It’s a great place to relax.

The wildlife around Lake Langano

On the cliffs around Lake Langano, there is a colony of baboons. We go there to have a closer look, but they run off before we can come close.

When we climb the cliffs, we see some other animals quickly run off. When we move stealthily, we can catch a few glimpses of what appears to be rock dassies. Later we learn that they are closely related to elephants, something we would never have guessed.

Back at the campsite, a monkey pays us a visit, in search for our leftovers. Although the wildlife here is not abundant, we spend all day spotting monkeys, dassies, and birds.

Tree top meeting

Our tree top meeting
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At the end of the afternoon, our crew organizes a tree top meeting. With us in the tree with a drink and a snack.

Our stay at Lake Langano is also a preparation for our tour to the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia, where ancient African tribes still live their traditional life.

In these parts it will be hot, and we have to adjust to the scarcity of water. We are also taught a bit how to interact with the locals. We are in for something else.

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Lake Langano is a great place to relax for a while. Swimming, spotting wildlife, making a campfire, and looking at the stars.

And to recharge our batteries for our trip to the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia.

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