Adventure Travel in Latin America

Latin America has all the ingredients for adventure travel: Tropical Rainforest, indigenous culture, mountains, sunny beaches, coral reefs, you name it, it's here. No wonder it is a popular destination for backpackers.

But adventure travel in Latin America can be rough. The infrastructure is not as good as in, for instance, Europe or Southeast Asia. But that differs per country, and in general, the infrastructure around most tourist attractions is okay.

Chicken bus in Guatemala

Since we planned a World Journey Without Wings, Latin America was not on our itinerary. However, we did visit Central America on different long vacations, and we planned our Honeymoon in Surinam, a former dutch colony in South America. Not really Latin, but representative for the Amazon area.


In Mexico, we started our vacation in 1999 along the Maya Route. We visited the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and also the Palenque Ruins,

Latin, Central, South

Latin America is a general term for both Central and South America.

Mexico and the many small countries in Central America have a Spanish colonial background. And in many of them, the indigenous people still form a substantial percentage of the population. For that reason, a cultural division of the Americas should be between North and Latin America, instead of North and South America.

but also got a touch from the Spanish colonial remains in Yucatan and the indigenous culture around San Cristobal de las Casas.

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In Guatemala we visited the Tikal Mayan Ruins, but also inspiring nature with rainforests and volcanoes. We even went Climbing the Pacaya Volcano.

This country also has the largest indigenous population of the Americas. Their culture can best be seen and experienced here. Take for instance Panajachel at Lake Atitlan as a great base for exploring the indian villages.


For the Maya ruins of Copan, we also entered Honduras. Yet another country, with its own look and feel, different from the other countries.


After our Maya tour through central America, we visited Caye Caulker Belize to relax and to go snorkeling. But apart from this great little island, Belize also has Maya temples and rain forest. It is a beautiful gem on the Atlantic coast.

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Costa Rica

In a different vacation, we visited Costa Rica. Lots of nature attractions here, no wonder that this has become the eco tourism destination in the world.

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Maroon house in Suriname


We planned our honeymoon in Suriname, and it’s not our style to book a resort to look in each others eyes romantically for two weeks. Instead, we went to have some Adventures in Suriname.

We booked a tour through the country, merely traveling over water. In three weeks time we saw much of the Suriname culture, went piranha fishing, visited the Amazon Forest, where we met the maroons, descendants of escaped slaves. We visited the Indians, saw the giant sea turtles, and even took a side trip to French Guyana and the Devils islands.

South America Highlights

South America has many more highlights. It is, however, a difficult country to travel overland. It is always possible to just pack a bag and go on the off chance, but chances are that you need a lot of time to see a bit (you will have a good time, though). Instead, try to choose one or more highlights to base your itinerary upon.

Extensive South America traveler Mark van Overmeire has created a short list of five highlights you must see when travelling South America.

Also check out the Tropical Nature Travel website for Ecotourism in Latin America.

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