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Crossing Austria via Linz

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Old gate in Linz

From Bohemia it is not far to Hungary, as the crow flies. But we hear that the train to Budapest takes either 11 or 16 hours. Apparently it takes a detour around Austria, while it would be much shorter to go through it. We decide to take the alternative route, by bus to Linz in Austria, and than by train to Budapest.

The weekly bus to Linz leaves Ceské Budejovice very early, too early for us to get there in time by bus from Cesky Krumlov. But we learn at the tourist office that we can take a bus to Kaplice, to catch the bus to Linz from there. We decide to do that, and all is well until we leave the bus ar the bus station 5km from Kaplice, as we were told. It is dark and cold, and the waiting starts..

After a while, we decide to ask at the train station 100 meters further. When we finally find some personnel there, they know nothing about a bus to Linz, and advice us to take a train. We decide to wait some more in the cold outside, stopping every passing bus. Finally, a bus driver tells us he is going to Linz. We are cheering, and after putting our backpacks in the back, we are on our way.


The hilly landscape passes by, and we notice more and more typical Austrian houses. Yet, it takes some more time to reach the Austrian border. Once there, the passports are quickly checked, and the landscape continues, until we enter the highway for the last part to Linz.

In Linz we are dropped off at the bus station, where we inform for buses to Hungary. But no, we have to take the train, which is going three hours later. Enough time to explore Linz a bit.

The Dom of Linz

From the bus we saw a bit of the center of Linz, so we simply follow the route back. Quickly, we notice the tower of the cathedral, which serves as our target. When we reach it, we take a look inside, and watch the many statues, altars, preaching chairs, etcetera. The organ music is a bit load and intimidating, but other than that this is a nice cathedral.

Outside, we can follow the signs to the central square. There is even a tourist train passing by, so we have reached the center. But first we pass the river Danube, where we watch the water, ships, and landscape from a bridge.

Old town

A tourist train in the center of LinzAs almost every old town, Linz has an nice central square. Around it are a few churches and old buildings, and in the middle is a monument. There is also a tourist office where we get a map of the city. On it we see a castle on a nearby hill, so we decide to visit that. But it is a bit disappointing. Just a few old walls, that’s it. We quickly return to the old streets, and then choose the Landstrasse to take us back to the railway station. This is a crowded shopping street with many shops and churches. Here we have lunch at a restaurant before we catch the train.

In the train to Budapest, we see more of the Austrian landscape. We also see some of the static buildings of Vienna, which we pass. But concerning Austria, we have to settle with Linz, which wasn’t bad at all. An old city center with narrow streets and many old houses is always good.

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