I’ve been backpacking in Asia since 2007, visiting wonderful countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines and India.

I always seem to return. Why? Let me tell you.

What sets Asia apart from other travel destinations is its unique and exciting culture — if you take that step in getting to know the local culture, I promise you it will change your life!

Asia is the perfect place for backpackers when it comes to cheap accommodation and food — there are so many places where you can get a meal for under a dollar! More money in your pocket means that you can spend your time on cool and refreshing activities like diving, jungle trekking and meditation retreats.

If you want to dive into cultural experiences there are several home stays and volunteer projects in Asia. In other words, the possibilities are endless and you’ll never get bored when traveling there!

To help on your way, I’ve collected my backpacking experiences in one website, called Backpacking Tips Asia. Here I guide you through the process of how to plan a backpacking trip, do’s and dont’s and travel reviews.

In addition to this my site has a helpful travel forum and a free e-book for first-time travelers!