Means Of Transport For Adventure Travel

There are many different means of transport to get around. Nevertheless, most people take the plane to reach their destinations. And when they set out for longer journeys, they also take the airplane to move between destinations, even if they are not far apart.

According to us, taking the airplane is not the most adventurous way of travelling. It will only bring you to big cities or the most popular places, skipping the interesting countryside. And it will not bring you in contact with the locals, who are not using airplanes to get around.

And what about those of us who are afraid of flying? And what about the air travel’s contribution to global warming? So, lets find out about some alternative means of transport for adventure travel.

Do you travel with the locals?
For us, adventure travel includes finding your way around by public transport. This is what is often meant by independent travel (or individual travel) as well. A drawback may be that it takes some more time to get around, but on the other hand it is a great way to meet local people, and that’s also what travelling is about, isn’t it?
In general, two types of public transport systems can be identified: the systems that take you from destination to destination, and local systems that help you get around.

Should you use the train or the bus?
To travel from one destination to another, we prefer to travel by train. Trains are comfortable, without sudden movements, and mostly you can move around in them. More information can be found on our page about Train Travel.
In some continents or countries, however, there are little or no rail tracks. To move between destinations there, you will have to take the bus.

But buses have their advantages, too. For one, they are often cheaper than trains. So check our page about Bus Travel to know when and where you can take the bus.

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