The most interesting people and native tribes

Traveling means meeting the most interesting people. We met native tribes of different origins. Most of them are slowly but surely changing their way of life. But some of them are still keeping their traditions, and they are the most interesting.

Here is our list:

Number 1: The Hamer people in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia

Many ancient african tribes still live in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. We had an encounter with the lip plate people of the Mursi, shared Christmas with the Bana, but the Hamer tribe intrigued us most. Some of them really hadn't seen white people before.

Number 2: Toraja people of Sulawesi

In Tana Toraja, the central highlands of Sulawesi in Indonesia, the Toraja people live in their typical houses. They have burial rituals of several days, including offering numerous bulls and pigs.

Number 3: Orang Ulu in Sarawak, Malaysia

River people, or Orang Ulu, are people of different tribes living in the interior region of the island Borneo. They live in long houses along the rivers. Although isolated, they are also modernizing their traditions.

Number 4: The Minangkabau of West-Sumatra

An islamic culture with matriarchal structure. The Minangkabau people live in a beautiful environment. They are quickly modernizing, but some traditions remain.

Number 5: The Black Hmong of Sapa, Vietnam

Near the mountain village of Sapa, several hill tribes are situated. Although the Black Hmong are among those who try get money from tourists, they remained very friendly.

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