Feel the Adventure with Overland Trucks

An Overland Truck in Africa Did you ever feel that you were in the middle of nature, where no other tourists come? The only way to reach some destinations is by overland trucks. They provide the most exciting way of traveling.

In rough environments, with little urban areas around, public transport or other means of traveling are hardly an option. It is there where overland trucks are the perfect alternative for a great adventure travel experience.

While the truck is capable of handling all kinds of road or off-road conditions, you can enjoy the landscape and all that is in it from up close.

Where can you enjoy an overland truck tour?

Most of the overland truck operators are offering their tours in Africa. Africa is the ideal continent for this way of traveling because of the bad roads and the great

New: Book an Overland Truck

Just recently, we have made a deal with the owner of an overland truck. It's the type we have been traveling with, with benches to the side.

You can hire the truck for a group trip in east or southern Africa.

You will not book via a travel agency, so you will get the cheapest deal possible.

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landscapes and wildlife to be seen there. An African safari by overland truck is just great.

Some overland truck operators extended their services into the Middle East and some parts of Asia. A truck is great for crossing the desert and other large plains in these areas, but there is less to be seen in these continents. Although that may depend on the exact itinerary.

There are also overland truck tours in South America. Especially travellers who like to travel coast to coast or north to south overland, may choose for an overland truck. There are parts in South America, though, that will not be passed by the trucks. Most of the routes stay relatively close to the coast lines.

For a full list of destinations for overlanding, check this website of the Overland Club.

Overland Truck Types

Overland trucks come in all types imaginable. There’s the party trucks, as we call them, trucks full of young people partying. Nothing wrong with that, although we wonder if a truck is the best place for a party.

Anyway, the seats in a typical party truck are facing each other. Good for conversation or relaxing, but not for experiencing the landscape.

Then there are the normal tourist trucks. These have normal seats, facing the front. They are comfortable, as far as that’s possible in rough terrain. But you will have to lean over your neighbour to see the action, if you do not have a window seat.

As with the party trucks, most of these have roofs and glass windows. Luxurious, maybe, but it restrains from having direct contact with the locals.

That brings us to the trucks we have been traveling with. These had the seats pointing outwards, so we all had a panoramic view over the landscape.

Moreover, there was a possibility to sit above the cabin for a full 360 degree view around, ideal for great pictures and videos. And the truck was completely open, no window obstructing the contact with local people, one of the exciting aspects of travelling in Africa.


Although some luxurious overland trucks may restrict their overnight stays in luxurious lodges, almost all trips include camping outside. Although at some places, camp sites can be used for safe camping, elsewhere the tents will have to be put up in the wild.

Have you ever been camping? Well, camping in the wild in Africa is something else.

Obviously, the location of the camp site will have to be chosen carefully. Not on a hippo trail, for instance. But also not too close to urban areas. But no matter how remote, there will always be locals lingering around. Most of the time, our guides would appoint one of these locals as our guard. In return for some food, the guard would ensure our safety.

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