Our best or worst Public Transport Experiences

Public transport experiences sometimes make the best travel tales. Our quest was to travel the world without using wings, aka airplanes. It forced us to make use of public transport in areas not frequented by tourists. Our most special public transport experiences are listed here:

Number 1: The Cambodian Train from Phnom Penh to Battambang

The roads in Cambodia are terrible. So when we heared of a train to Battambang, we decided to take this alternative. But this is not just another ordinary train ride. It took us the whole day for the approximately 150 kilometers. But is was very interesting.

Number 2: Train, bus, taxi in Rural Russia

We had an appointment with our contact in Russia to pick us up at the bus station. But after waiting several hours, we were directed to a car, later identified as a taxi.

Number 3: Trans Manchurian Express

Everybody knows about the Trans Siberian Express. But the version around Mongolia to Beijing was unknown. We meet the Chinese, have to wait for 5 hours in a cold hall, and ride through the oil fields of Northern China.

Number 4: Pelni ferry in Indonesia

Travel without flying in Indonesia means taking the boat. This is what the common people of Indonesia do, plus a handful of budget tourists.

Number 5: Bus on the Peleponese

In the off season in a lesser traveled part of Greece, we are stuck several times at bus stations. Not knowing whether we missed the bus or it is cancelled all together, we see a deserted bus station being used as post office.

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