A South America Itinerary:
the Highlights you Must See!!

A South America Itinerary is hard to make. There are just too many places worth a visit. Unfortunately, South America is also a bit difficult to travel long distances, at least overland.

It is always possible to just pack a bag and go on the off chance, but chances are that you need a lot of time to see a bit (you will have a good time, though). Instead, try to choose one or more highlights to base your itinerary upon.

Extensive South America traveler Mark van Overmeire has created a short list of five highlights you must see when travelling South America, which we present here:

Five Must See Places of South America

by Mark Van Overmeire

The Wonderful Creatures of The Galapagos Islands

A wonder of creation, the Galapagos Islands have captured the imagination of poets and biologists alike. Separated from the mainland in the waters of Ecuador, evolution created stunning endemic creatures such as the giant tortoise and the sea iguana, animals found only on the Galapagos. The most groundbreaking work ever to be published concerning evolution, “The Origin of Species”, was based on observations made on the Galapagos Islands by Charles Darwin.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca evokes a spiritual tranquility and is the most beautiful lake I've ever seen. It touches the clouds at an altitude of 12.532 ft. (3.820 m.) with amazing dark blue waters never seen before. Titicaca, the biggest freshwater lake of South America, lies on the borders of Bolivia and Peru and hosts some wonderful islands such as “The Floating Islands” and “The Island of the Sun”.


Patagonia is without doubt one of the most mesmerizing places of the world. It encompasses the South of both Argentina and Chile. The name Patagonia stands for 'Land of the Big Feet'. Legends say that discoverer Ferdinand Magellan and his crew saw a tribe of nine foot tall giants with big feet. He named the tribe the Patagons or big feet. It's paradise for the adventurous traveler with landscapes impossible to imagine. Highlights are whale watching in Puerto Madryn, visiting Ushuaia (the southernmost city of the world) and hiking in Torres del Paine national park.

Machu Picchu – The Lost City of The Incas

Machu Picchu, the Lost city of the Incas, is a mystical, sacred place. The ruins are one of the most enigmatic and beautiful ancient ruins in the world. Rediscovered on July 24, 1911 by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham, Machu Picchu (meaning 'Old Peak' in Quechua, the language spoken by the Incas) was thought to be a sanctuary for the preparation of priestesses and brides for the Inca nobility. The dramatic setting in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes enhances the shroud of mystery even more.

Salar de Uyuni

The biggest secret of South America is without doubt the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. It's the largest salt flat in the world, a staggering 4.025 square miles (10.500 square km.). The beautiful Fish Island (Isla Pescada) gives a wonderful contrast with the salt lake. The “salar” continues in the atacama desert, near the border of Chile, with geysers, the red and green lake, hot baths and a never ceasing tranquility.

This South America Itinerary was created by Mark Van Overmeire, a passionate musician, photographer and traveler. He has traveled extensively in South America and Southeast Asia.

Travel Amazing South America (TASA)

As a passionalte traveler Mark has been able to shoot many wonderful photographs and various pictures have been published in magazines and websites. Mark founded Travel Amazing South America, on June 2005. Travel Amazing South America offers many wonderful photographs, stories and tips for a journey to south america.

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