Surf and Yoga camps

by Patricia Flores White
(Baños, Ecuador)

Betty Surf and Yoga, Yoga Retreat

Betty Surf and Yoga, Yoga Retreat

Betty Surf and Yoga, Yoga Retreat Betty Surf and Yoga Surf Instruction Betty Surf and Yoga Surf Camp South America Betty Surf and Yoga, Yoga Retreat

The New Wave in Adventure Travel: Surf & Yoga Camps

Adventure seekers are now trading in their overtime for yoga time. Surf and Yoga camps, are blossoming on the travel industry horizon. Americans abandon their quest for the perfect Pina Colada, in favor of a transformational experience getting healthy and fit.

With books like Eat, Pray, Love capturing the nation’s attention, people are now looking for a personal journey of discovery and adventure during their hard-earned time off.

The Betty Surf and Yoga Camp

Get off the well trodden tourist path to the rural fishing village of Canoa, Ecuador. We will provide 3 meals a day comprised of coastal seafood and Andean fruits and vegetables from the local market. And lots of activities:

  • A Yoga Alliance certified daily instruction;

  • Surf instructors;

  • A meditation workshop;

  • Paragliding;

  • Salsa lessons;

  • A daily boot camp;

Furthermore, we have a beachfront private hotel and enough toys to make any gear head drool. Replete with sea kayaks, body boards, surfboards and yoga props.

Recently featured in such magazines as Yoga Journal, the "Surf & Yoga Camp" finds appeal amongst the 25 plus crowd of travelers who yearn to spend their time away, taking part in a defining journey.

The vision of learning to surf in magical foreign lands is now being accompanied with a steady diet of yoga, adventure sports and kind food as flash-packers discover the new wave in adventure travel.

Sippin’ on a little Zen and juice beachside doesn’t sound like a bad way to go.


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Best Vacay EVER!
by: Anonymous

I went solo on this trip. The guides/instructors were friendly and the other women were amazing. It was the best experience, most laid back, and most eye opening vacation I have ever been on!

Betty Surf and Yoga Camp
by: Roberta braga

Hey All,
I am glad to share with you my unique experience at the Betty Camp where I fulfill my yogi ascetic practice in a pristine spot. The interaction with the local community and the environment is an additional plus that made the all trip more fun and recommended!

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