The proper spelling of Talinn

Nope, Talinn is not the capital of Estonia. When a name has double consonants twice, it is easy to forget the proper spelling.

So, the proper spelling of the capital of Estonia is Tallinn, with double L and double N. Click on this link to Tallinn for our Adventure Travel Tales and Tips for this beautiful city.

More info on the name Tallinn (from Wikipedia)

The origin of the name "Tallinn" is certain to be Estonian, although the original meaning of the name is debated. It is usually thought to be derived from "Taani-linn(a)" (meaning "Danish-castle/town"). However, it could also have come from "tali-linna" ("winter-castle/town"), or "talu-linna" ("house/farmstead-castle/town"). The element -linna, like Germanic -burg/-berg and Slavic -grad/-gord, originally meant "castle" but is used as a suffix in the formation of town names.

Tallinna replaced the previously used official German name Reval in 1918, when Estonia became independent. In the early 1920s the official spelling of the city name was changed from Tallinna to Tallinn, making the new name notable since Estonian-language place names generally end with a vowel (denoting genitive case). However, somewhat confusingly to non-Estonian speakers, the word Tallinna still appears in modern Tallinn as the -a suffix can denote the genitive case (thus Tallinna Lennujaam translates literally as Tallinn's Airport).

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