Adventure Travel Africa, tribes, safari, and more

Adventure travel in Africa is a lot more challenging than in most of the other continents. There is a lack of public transport and mid-class hotels, and there's always the threat of diseases like malaria. Yet, it's one of the most beautiful continents to visit, especially if you travel Africa Overland.

Most famous is an African safari, but what about a visit to ancient African tribes? The wide variety of wildlife, landscapes and African culture make it a continent to get addicted to, ideal for adventure travel.

Traditional dance of the Bana tribe

We first got acquainted with Africa on a safari tour through the warm heart of Africa. Visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe was an unforgettable experience. We payed a visit to the Masai Tribe and another highlight was a visit to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfalls in Africa, and the Zambezi River Rafting trip we made there was unforgettable.

We just had to come back to Africa for more. And so we did.

On our world journey we just had to include Africa again. And so we tried to find the overland route from Europe to Africa. but unfortunately, war and terrorist threats made it impossible for us to reach Ethiopia through the Middle East, and thus we had to fly to Addis Abeba to join another Adventure Travel Africa tour.

Culture and nature in the Ethiopian highlands

Our second tour thus started in Ethiopia, a country often suffering from famine. But it appeared to have a lot more to offer. Via the highlands around Addis Ababa we drove to the Blue Nile Gorge and Bahir Dar at beautiful Lake Tana. From there we headed to the rock hewn churches of Lalibela before we headed back through the Ethiopian Highlands to Addis Abeba.

Ancient African Tribes

From Addis Abeba we went south to one of the Ethiopian rift valley lakes: Lake Langano. Here we relaxed a bit before we headed further south, into the Omo Valley. It is quite a challenge to reach the Omo Valley by overland truck. The roads are bad and the conditions are harsh. This is the domain of some of the most

ancient African tribes. We visit the Dorse, Tabor, Aari, Mursi (one of the lip plate tribes), Bana and Hamer people. Each of these tribes has its own traditions, appearance and lifestyle. We spend an amazing African Christmas with them.

A Giraffe crossing our path in the Serengeti

Safari in the wild parks of East Africa

From Ethiopia we reach Kenya via bad roads, and we continu driving through the Chalbi desert. Here we meet other tribes like the Samburu and Rendille before we arrive at Nakuru, to have our first game drive in Nakuru Park. We move on to have an African Safari in the famous Serengeti, and move on to the Ngorongoro area for the Olduvai Gorge and the Ngorongoro crater with its abundance of wildlife. We end our trip in Kenya where we visit Amboseli Park and the Masai tribe.

Africa is a fascinating continent. Check out this website as well: - This Africa Wildlife and Vacations Guide provides resources for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure sport travellers - tracking mountain gorillas, bungee jumping, mountain climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro, whale watching, planning safaris, and more. African wildlife pictures and animal facts too.

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