Adventure Travel in Europe

With a broad network of accommodation and public transport in Western Europe, adventure travel in Europe can be fairly easy to do.

But in high season, it may get tough when you refuse to book upfront in the major cities. Although overseas visitors will insist on visiting these cities, we would suggest to look beyond those, where the real adventure is.

Tower on the city wall of Sighisoara, Romania

Try the countryside, especially in Eastern Europe. Castles, medieval towns, and friendly locals will await you. On our adventure travel world journey, we passed Europe in a search for overland routes via Eastern Europe to Russia and to the Middle East.

Berlin, Germany

Our quest is a World Journey without wings, and therefore we start at home by jumping on a train to Berlin . We only stay there for one and a half day, but hurry to see the highlights and what remains of the Berlin wall.

Poland and the Baltic States

Our chosen overland route to Russia leads us to Poland, where we visit the old center of Warsaw , and on to the Baltic states by bus . They appear to be unspoiled gems as we visit Vilnius in Lithuania, Sigulda (near the capital Riga) in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia. From Tallinn, a bus takes us into Russia .

Munich, Germany again

Approximately 10 months later, a coïncedence brings us back to Holland, as we decide to start all over again to find an


Do you want to go off the beaten track? The former Sovjet Republic of Armenia is an unspoiled country, full with adventure travel opportunities. North East of Turkey, it's actually Asia, but it has more cultural connections with Eastern Europe.

Go to for some excellent Armenia Heritage, Adventure and Nature Tours from Armenia Explorer.

overland route to Africa. This time, we hitch a ride to Munich for the Oktoberfest, where we learn how the Germans drink beer.

Czech Republic

We move on to the beautiful Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and definitely a must-see. But there's much more to be seen in the Czech republic, like the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov.


Via Linz in Austria, we arrive in Budapest, Hungary. This fusion of the cities Buda and Pest along the Danube is a mix between two worlds, also because of the remains of communism, which are still visible.


The three provinces of Wallachia, Moldavia (not the country) and Transylvania were re-united after the first world war, to form Romania. After the second world war, another black page was written in the book. And now communism is gone, Romania wants to join the European Union. But to make this happen there is a lot te be done in this poor country. We travel via the charming medieval towns of Sighisoara and Brasov in scary Transylvania to Bucharest on our way east.

Street in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Another poor eastern European country is Bulgaria. We hesitated whether we should make a stop here on our way to Turkey. Summer in Europe was gone and Bulgaria didn't really tempt us. But since we do not want to "skip" a country we end up in Veliko Tarnovo, a beautiful medieval city around a winding river with deep gorges.


Finally, we arrive in Turkey, the gateway between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. From Sultanahmet in Istanbul, we move on to the fantastic landscapes of Cappadocia, before we move on to the south coast. There, we visit Olympos, from where we take a backpackers Gulet Cruise to Fethiye, and move on to beautiful Köyceğiz and the Greek culture on Turkish soil in Selçuk and Ephesus.


It's a small hop by ferry from Turkey to Greece, but there is a huge difference. We arrive in Samos, but in the off season there is not much to do there. So we quickly move on to the historic sites in Athens. From there we move to the Peloponnese, where we find the gems of Nafplion en Monemvasia, and the archaeological site of the oldest European city, Mycenae. We also find the ruins of Sparta and Olympia, where history is relived every 4 years when the Olympic flame is lit there.


From the Peloponnese in Greece, Italy is only a ferry away. We take one from Patras to Bari, and move on for some Sightseeing in Rome on the off chance. When we return from Africa, we also visit the other tourist cities. First we pay a visit to Naples, from where we explore the the Ruins of Pompeii. Then we go to Florence for a vacation in the Renaissance, and after a daytour to Siena and its Duomo, we end up in Venice, the romantic city of water.

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