Adventure Travel in Russia

As part of our World Journey, we wanted to travel Russia by just going there on the off chance. This means, even in modern Russia, adventure travel in its basic form.

We had to deal with lots of formalities, the Russian language and the Cyrillic writing to find our way. We visited the highlights in St. Petersburg and Moscow. But in addition to that we get acquainted with the Real Russia in the countryside, experience the Trans Siberian Railroad en see what it is like to be in Siberia in the winter time.

The Red Square in Moscow

St. Petersburg

Our first stop in Russia is St Petersburg , the former Leningrad. It is a majestic city with lots of beautiful cathedrals and unique museums, mostly composed by Tsar Peter the Great himself. Top of the cake, off course, is the Hermitage.

Rural Russia

On our way to Moscow, we agreed with our contact there to take a road to nowhere in order to see Rural Russia. And it is there, in the Russian Countryside, where we experience what adventure travel Russia is like.

Dubrovki is the name of the little village we ended up in. Even on the most detailed Russian maps it cannot be found. We take a huge leap back in time, with all the inconveniences of Rural Russia.


Moscow , the mighty capital of Russia, with its Kremlin and Red square. Has it changed since the fall of communism? What remained from its days of glory? We organized a home stay with Uncle Pasha, the guy who also showed us Rural Russia.

Winter View from Trans Siberian Express

Trans Siberian Express

The one and only Trans Siberian Express, the Rossija, only travels twice a week from Moscow to Vladiwostok. However, there are more trains using the Trans Siberia railway. We simply (ahem) book a one way ticket Moscow-Irkutsk on a train that heads for Blagovashensk, and for simplicity also call this the Trans Siberian Express


We visit Irkutsk, Siberia in December, we assumed it would be cold. But how cold is minus 25 degrees centigrade? And can you enjoy a trip to Lake Baikal in that temperature?

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