Unusual travel destinations to consider

Going off the beaten track, unusual travel destinations are often the most adventurous. What are the best destinations visited by little tourists?

Here is our list:

Number 1: Omo Valley, Ethiopia

There are probably more places in Africa where ancient tribes live that haven't been visited by white people very often. But here are many such tribes, among which the lip plate tribes of Mursi and Suri. The Omo Valley is very difficult to reach, you need specialists to get there. But it is sure worth it.

Number 2: Battambang, Cambodia

Take the alternative route from Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat and visit Battambang. There are many impressive sights around, and seeing how the people live here is an experience.

Number 3: Hinterlands of Surinam

Surinam is the former colony of the Netherlands. Former slaves on the plantations fled to the hinterlands, and descendants are still living there in small villages on the river banks. Only reachable by boat, it certainly off the beaten track.

Number 4: Rural Russia

Between St Petersburg and Moscow, we stayed in a small village near the river Wolga. Be prepared for some basic facilities and a harsh environment in winter.

Number 5: Nafplio, Greece

Obviously, Athens and the different islands attract the most tourists in Greece. But there are some gems in the Peleponese as well. Nafplio is the former capital of Greece, but is almost forgotten. It is located on a peninsula and features a fort on the rocks. From here, you can visit the ancient site of Mycenea, too.

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