Adventure Travel Activities at Victoria Falls in Africa

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Looking at the Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwan side
The Victoria Falls in Africa, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the largest (the largest by some measures) waterfalls in the world. It is where the mighty Zambezi falls into a canyon over a width of 1.7 kilometers, and a height of 108 meters. In the canyon, the river continues through a long series of zigzagging gorges, allowing for tourist activities as white water rafting, bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls bridge, and helicopter tours over de gorges. We visited the falls on our overland trip through East Africa.

We approach the Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side in our overland truck. From afar we can see the fog cloud that shoots forth from the falling water. We drive into Victoria Falls village, and are immediately struck by the commercialism, so unlike the rest of Africa.

h3>Visiting the fallsAfter setting up our tents at a campsite, we decide to directly visit the waterfalls that afternoon. After buying the tickets, we enter Victoria Falls National Park at the “Leaping Waters”, the westernmost cataract where the water falls into the beginning of the first gorge. After staring at the huge amounts of water for a while, we continue our walk. Over almost the complete width of the falls, we can walk on the opposite side of the canyon, only about 50 meters away from the falling water.

We are lucky enough to visit the falls in the rainy season. Apart from a few islands with vegetation, the water falls over the complete range of the canyon. Different parts of the falls have been given different names, like rainbow falls where the sunshine makes beautiful colors in the gorge. We admire all parts of it, and also have a look down in the gorge, where white water rafters are preparing for their adventure.

High Tea at Victoria Falls Hotel

After our visit to the falls, we end the day with a high tea at the terrace of the famous and fancy Victoria Falls Hotel. This is where in the colonial days luxurious tourism started. Apart from the falls themselves, rich people from Victorian England came here for hunting. There are still some visitors in the hotel looking like safari tourists from these days. The hotel is still very expensive, but a high tea is affordable for us as well, and certainly worth it.

The surroundings of the waterfalls are magnificent. Because of the spraying water from the falls, a tropical rainforest has evolved. We make a walk to the Big Tree, a giant old baobab tree near the Zambezi river before the waterfalls. We see the monkey on the road in front of us, and on the shores of the river we see many birds. We see no large animals, but being on foot, that’s probably for the better.

White Water rafting

Back in Victoria Falls village, we make a reservation for a white water raft tour on the Zambezi. Expensive, but from what we are told, this is the place for white water rafting, so we decide to give it a go. And it was sure worth it, although we had a near death experience… Read our Zambezi River Rafting tale here.

After a well deserved nights rest, we visit Victoria Falls once more. Apart from staring at and making pictures of the waterfalls, we also look around for some wildlife. We spot a large iguana, and laugh at the vervet monkeys playing close by. Apart from that, we watch the bungee jumpers on Victoria Falls Bridge, which we can see from here as well. That’s an adventure we will skip for now, as well as the helicopter and plane offers, and all the other expensive tours here on offer.

Victoria Falls is a great place to visit. It is amazing to see the falls from up close, but there is much more to see and do here. The activities are not cheap, but how often do you get the chance of doing these exciting adventure travel activities in such an amazing environment? Rad more about these activities in article about the Victoria Falls Travel Guide

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