Warshaw, and more alternative spelling for the town of Warsaw

Spelling of eastern european city names is often a challenge. Warshaw is commonly used on the Internet while searching for the town of Warsaw. And there are more alternative spelling possibilities.

Warshaw actually is just spelled wrong. But the spelling for Warsaw is different in different languages. In Dutch, the city is known as Warschau, in French it's Varsovie, and in Spain and Portugal the city is known as Varsovia. In Polish, it actually is Warszawa, and shouldn't we just use the local spelling? Well, that's up for debate.

Apart from the spelling in different languages, there are also alternative spelling forms in a single language. Warszaw is an alternative spelling for Warsaw in English, and Warsawa is the alternative spelling for Warszawa in Polish. So there's some debate there, too.

And then, there are also some wrong spelling forms. Warsow, for instance, is not the capital of Poland, it is a different town, situated in Germany.

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