Why are Microsoft Edge Flags Useful?

Microsoft Edge flags are useful in such a way that will allow your browsing experience to be a lot better than before you discovered it. Of course, you would want to just go with all the features you can take advantage of. One of them is tab groups as this would allow you to group tabs so you will know where to go when you need them. For example, one group is for viewing the latest videos, another is for updates on your latest sports teams and another would be for your work. This would prevent you from getting a bit confused on all the things that matter in life. Another flag is parallel downloading which would be useful for times when you want to download songs and movies. This would allow the download times to be a lot faster than you originally thought. At first, you thought the size of the files would prevent you from watching these movies at the right time. The truth is you would get them at the time you deserved them the most.

Now, you no longer have to get used to downloading all these things one by one as that would not make you a happy customer. Due to the amount of flags available, there is no question you would always think about the question why are Edge Flags useful because you can use them already just by inputting the flags onto the address section of Edge.

Smooth Scrolling is one flag you will wish you would have discovered a lot sooner than you did because it will allow you to scroll down on the things that you thought were not there. No matter how much content a website has, you know you would want to check out each and every one of them and this flag will allow you to do just that. Heavy Ad Intervention is one flag that you will be glad exists because it will help you get rid of ads that are really trouble especially when there are a ton of pop ups that you will have a hard time stopping when the opportunity presents itself. These ads can disturb you from trying to read some cool stuff right in front of you.

Just when you thought you got rid of one, another will rise and you will not like it one bit. When you use this flag, those heavy ads will be gone and they won’t get a chance to make their presence felt. Fill passwords on a few of your accounts is another useful flag that will activate as you will save time in typing your passwords all the time. This would allow you to spend less time trying to type in your passwords and more time reading your emails. Also, you won’t have to memorize passwords that contain a ton of letters and numbers that would end up being a hinder in the future. You would rather just get past the sign in part and onto the main page.