A World Journey: the Ultimate Adventure Travel

A World Journey is something we never thought about. Until our travels became more adventurous, and longer. And we still didn't want to go home after 5 weeks of traveling. On our vacation in Africa we first met long-time travelers. And over time, we started thinking, can we do that as well?

And then, we started investigating. What about our house? Who will pay the mortgage? And our jobs, do we loose them? What will it cost, and can we save such an amount of money? Finally, we gave ourselves a deadline to make a decision.


Once we made the decision, the preparation started. We took one and a half year to save money, plan our finances, take care of the insurance, and figure out everything that has to do with what we leave behind, the homefront. Then we had to think about our health, what pills and vacins to take. And last, but not least, what will be our itinerary?

Preparation is all about gathering information, preferably from other travellers. But in the end, you will have to figure out for yourself which are helpful tips and which are not.

Special tip: a Website

A good method of keeping people at home informed of your travels is by building a website. During your travels, you will write about your adventures, posting the stories on your site. And after your travels, your website can even generate some income (like this website does!!)

As part of our preparations we built a Dutch Website, which still generates some traffic. Currently, however, we know how to make a website that works, as we wrote in our dutch website "Een succesvolle website bouwen". The website you're reading right now is a result of that knowledge. Read more on our About Us page, or read about building succesful websites at the reference center of Solo Build It!

As the time progressed, we needed to make the final preparations. And then it was time, we went to the train station and off we went...

Follow us!!

All the tales of our journey are to be found on this website. In fact, they were written in Dutch, and put on our dutch website. We are finished translating them, and they appear on this website, sorted by Destination, not in chronological order.

However, to be able to follow our journey, just start with the first adventure travel tale, describing our visit to Berlin. Then, click on the arrows in the top right corner to move through the tales of our trip. If you are reading the complete tales, you can also click on the "Next stop:" links at the bottom of the pages.

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